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Testimonials of Our Super Web Hosting Service

Our promise to you is 24/7 Super Support – making sure that you get the best web hosting experience around. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our existing clients have to say about how satisfied they are with our services! We pride ourselves on making sure that any issues that you face are resolved as soon as possible, and that your websites run smoothly and properly.

Very appreciative of the prompt action on this issue.

Jaymz from therice.sg | 30th of December 2016

Host-hub has a great support team. Very responsive and friendly.

Steven Leow | 30th of December 2016

Right questioning and analysis used, and moreover response and resolution was quick.

David Ng from dacon.com.sg | 30th of December 2016

It was prompt and immediate.

James Chia from jc3.com.sg | 30th of December 2016

The issue was quickly settled.

Malcom from skp.com.sg | 29th of December 2016

Very good service. Fast and knowledgeable!

Guohua Sun | 29th of December 2016

Excellent support! Thanks Lionel.

Wei Zhong from volcan.com.sg | 29th of December 2016

Good support!!!

Mench from hosotour.com | 29th of December 2016

Philip has been a tremendous helpful. The prompt reply and attention help to resolve the case. I am impressed!

David from beaconcom.sg | 29th of December 2016

Have always been impressed by your support team. Good job and please keep up with the good service.

Fion from consultmanagetrain.com | 29th of December 2016

Responds fast. Superb.

Richard from westminstersecurity.com.sg | 29th of December 2016

Very responsive and helpful.

Admin | 29th of December 2016

Fast response. Addressed the issue completely.

Chong Soon Onn from onlineecommerce.com.sg | 28th of December 2016

Support was immediate which is very re-assuring. Thank you!

James Chia from jc3.com.sg | 28th of December 2016


Pit Upholstery | 28th of December 2016

Fast service…

Red Shoe | 28th of December 2016

Good! As always.

Admin from suzuki.sg | 28th of December 2016

The team have been a great help in getting us set up with you.

Terissa from palladiointeriors.com | 28th of December 2016

All host-hub Support Departments are alike. Fast responses & put Their best foots forward.

Rick Tan Chun Siong | 27th of December 2016

Since you took over the job everything is much smoother and the service is excellent.

Marco Alfero | 27th of December 2016

Prompt and proactive to provide information. Appreciate the time to support.

Wong, Seok Miin from fujixerox.com | 25th of December 2016

Very good support from Lester and teammates.

John Schmit from meta-informatics.com | 24th of December 2016

Zoey was a great helped and explained in depth the process as well as the expectation. She showed prompt responses send follow-up ability and I commend her for investigating the issue, resolving it and then following up with the customers. Was a pleasure to deal with.

Mitch Petair | 24th of December 2016

Very good.

Mafro Sports | 24th of December 2016

Jack is very helpful…Good to have him assisting in this. Cheers 🙂

Ee Lin from orisasia.com | 23rd of December 2016

Fantastic support and efficient. thank you.

Engineers from cyberwave.com.sg | 23rd of December 2016

very prompt reply 🙂

Admin from hcsconsultants.com.sg | 23rd of December 2016

Fantastic support and efficient. thank you.

Engineers from cyberwave.com.sg | 23rd of December 2016

Excellent service! I love host-hub!

Winston Ong | 23rd of December 2016

Fantastic support. and a sense of humor:) Merry Christmas!

Eric Li from actsmarket.com | 23rd of December 2016

(1)They connected my laptop in Team Viewer so that I can explain our issue – [outlook and email not working Production Server] (2)They quickly respond my email so that we can quickly resolve our issue. Thank you for resolve our issue.

Ramesh from totalebizsolutions.com | 22nd of December 2016

Quick response!

Stanley Yap from centigro.net | 22nd of December 2016

Prompt response to my enquiries.

Samuel Lim | 22nd of December 2016

Very fast response time.

Edmund from seasingapore.com.sg | 22nd of December 2016

Timely responses to all queries for a new enquiry.

Terissa from palladiointeriors.com | 22nd of December 2016

Responded very quick. Keep me informed at all time. Very good.

Beckenburg from genufoodenzymes.co.th | 22nd of December 2016

Timely and prompt. thumbs up!

Alan Loke | 22nd of December 2016


Anh Pham from pay2home.com | 22nd of December 2016

Excellent help as always!

Wei Zhong from volcan.com.sg | 22nd of December 2016

Excellent turnaround response time! Double thumbs up!!!

Jane Wong | 22nd of December 2016

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